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The Culmination of the So-called Hip-Hop/ Rap Culture...
The Culmination of the So-called Hip-Hop/ Rap Culture...
34 days ago 0 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: Rap, Hip-Hop, Black, People, African-American, BET

On my show, True Capitalist Radio, I'm constantly agitated by haters and losers with the notion that I'm a racist.  Those same milky lickers say that because I parody certain cultures, I'm playing to stereotypes.  Well, how do you think a stereotype becomes a stereotype?  How does a cliche become a cliche?  Because the majority of any group in question lives and breaths the activity of that that is deemed a "stereotype."


Case in point, this Hip-Hop/Rap culture that has been induced by the gatekeepers of entertainment.  The music, art and imagery related to this genre encompasses violence, drug use and sexual deviate behavior.  I was called a racist on my show because I insinuated that women are unsafe in Hip-Hop/Rap night clubs because there is no such thing as sexual harassment at these establishments.  I stated that its not uncommon for women to accept activities in these establishments that would be deemed sexual assault in regular society.  Below is a clip of what is common activity at Hip-Hop/Rap events.



After watching this disgusting display, no one can tell me that I'm a racist because I parody stereotypes.  I don't think anything I could ever say (no matter how shocking & controversial) could compare to the type of behavior that seems to be common-place within this community.  Thanks Hip-Hop and Rap, you've ruined society!

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