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What does Baller Friday mean to me? Xanex, marijuana, Buffalo Trace bourbon, a 2-liter of Coca-Cola, and a hot grill cooking 1 inch ribeyes, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. Whoop. Whoop.  
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Random musings from VITB.  
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Hurricane Irene is coming in my area up in Northern Va, I have been thinking about earthquake insurance also. So, wish me luck if it hits my area hard!
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Laserfrog in the house
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Description: Really good song I found today really liked it
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9 days ago 0 comments Categories: Health Tags: Irene, earthquake

First it was the earthquake, now its Irene coming to my area in Northern Va. I also been thinking about earthquake insurance, but wish me luck!

29 days ago 0 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
  It's the 4th and money running out so we ate cheap tonight. Got that N.Y. strip marinated in Worstechire, Garlic (fresh), salt, and pepper. Pookie cookin' them well done because thats how capitalis
57 days ago 0 comments Categories: Music Tags: True, Capitalist, Radio, Epic, Song, Ghost, Engineer     I found this song when I was bored using my laptop at the base I really liked it
64 days ago 1 comments Categories: Food Blogs Tags:
But we celebrating anyway, baby. Pookie got da smoker fired up, my kid is takin' a nap, and baby we livin' like some true capitalists up in da 213!! Got da dry rub on da pork ribs. A little brown suga
102 days ago 1 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: Rap, Hip-Hop, Black, People, African-American, BET
On my show, True Capitalist Radio, I'm constantly agitated by haters and losers with the notion that I'm a racist.  Those same milky lickers say that because I parody certain cultures, I'm playing to
Joe Kernen, host of CNBC's Squawk Box, has just released a new children's book about capitalism called "Your Teacher Said What?" check it out kids! Here's a link to the book on Amazon!
117 days ago 1 comments Categories: Politics Tags: Karl Marx, Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Politics
I have to laugh when I have these dim witted, wanna be Communists that call the True Capitalist Radio show with the promotion and agitation of their political romantic views.  What's truly unfortunate
123 days ago 1 comments Categories: Politics Tags: Money, Cash, Politics, Government, Consumer, Capitalism, Milton Friedman
There is much criticism of corporate conglomerates taking over small business, but why is happening?  Its because the same people crying about corporate businesses are the same jelly asses that are wa
128 days ago 0 comments Categories: Politics Tags: Social Security, Youth, Capitalists, Taxes, Healthcare, Entitlements
Given our current economic situation, people under the age of 45 don't realize how much they've been had by previous generations.  Anyone looking for reasons why high paying jobs are scarce, sky rocke
136 days ago 2 comments Categories: Politics Tags: Syria, Middle East, Revolution, Arab, Muslim, Freedom, Bashar al-Assad
We've been reporting on the habitual deaths in Syria on True Capitalist Radio every day for the past 3 or 4 weeks.  People still can't believe that there is this much violence in this country given th
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