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Is free?
Yes. But you must be approved by properly filling out the join form to prove that you are a Capitalist; not the enemy...
What can I do at has everything one can expect from the main stream social networks; profiles, IM, video, audio, pictures, blogs, chat, store, forums, polls, etc. Sign up now and see for yourself!
How do you approve your members?
We review each potential member based on what they put on their join form, so try to prove you're a Capitalist in that form.
Why should I join?
Capitalists must have a venue to communicate and organize worldwide so we can help each other conquer our obstacles. The Capitalist Army provides an informal and easy way to keep us all connected to act in concert...
How do I know I'm a Capitalist?
If you work for a living, pay taxes and don't collect entitlements from your government, then you are a Capitalist.
Where can I get help for using this website?
You can go the the forums area, click Capitalist Army, then scroll down to Wesite Help. You can post your questions there and someone will help...
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